Weeping White Birch Bonsai Tree
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Weeping White Birch Bonsai Tree
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The European White Birch (betula pendula) Outdoor Bonsai Tree - 9 years old, 14" - 16" tall

The European White Birch  Outdoor Bonsai Tree is a graceful pendulous plant with peeling silvery-white bark and Yellow autumn foliage. This outdoor bonsai tree Native to forest, hills, and mountain slopes from western Europe. The bark is highly ornamental and becomes darker and fissured with age. This beautiful outdoor white birch bonsai tree is on sale here at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

  • European White Birch Bonsai Tree
  • deciduous. Keep outdoors.
  • Yellow autumn foliage, 
  • 9 years old, 14" - 16" tall

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