Two Trunk Crepe Myrtle
Two Trunk Crepe Myrtle
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This delicate Crepe Myrtle is a dwarf form, a pair of trees (lagerstroemia indica). 

This Bonsai tree presents dainty floral blooms display in late winter and throughout early spring.
  • Outstanding exfoliating bark, mottled pale grey to brown to pink in color.
  • Likes sunny location to produce blooms.
  • In great health and vigor
  • Deciduous, keep outdoors.
  • Fall foliage color is red-orange.
  • Spring leaf color is gorgeous brilliant red!
  • Planted in a lotus shaped copper glazed import pot.
  • Leaves emerge deep purple – red then shift to deep green. Very showy!!
  • 19" high x 16" wide

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