Flowering Winter Jasmine Bonsai Tree
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Flowering Winter Jasmine Bonsai Tree
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Flowering Winter Jasmine Bonsai Tree (jasminum nudiflorum)

Winter Jasmine is native to western China and has been cultivated in the West since the mid 1800's.
It has bright, glossy, green pinnate leaves divided into 3 oblong leaflets.
This winter hardy, vine-like shrub grows into a tree form.
This flowering beauty bears 1" bright yellow blooms at the base of its stems and slowly blooms up the stems.
By late winter it flowers at the tips of the stems.
Branches will root and produce new plants where trailing branches touch moist soil.

  • 6 years old, 15" tall
  • Aged bonsai tree with yellow blooms
  • Easy to root new plants
  • Deciduous.
  • Keep outdoors or in colder area
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended.

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