Japanese Flowering Quince Bonsai
Japanese Flowering Quince Bonsai
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Super Red -(chaenomeles japonica 'moned') Bonsai Tree

Huge bright red blooms precede foliage, among the first to appear each year and long-lasting! Greenish-Yellow fruit attracts birds.
  • Rare combination of red, white, or pink flowers (or a combination of these colors)
  • This Bonsai tree presents as a rousing floral bloom display in late winter and throughout early spring
  • Prized in Japan for bonsai, jam making
  • A Bonsai enjoyed for its large colorful blooms
  • During the spring, the plump buds will begin to open to unveil vivid red, pink and white flowers, all on the same tree.
  • These beautiful flowers will whisk you away with the spring.
  • The blossoms are preceded by green foliage, which will cover the rugged, strongly angular limbs.
  • Deciduous tree, best kept outdoors in its natural environment
  • In the autumn or winter, tree shipped with no foliage
  • Blooms in the spring, March to April
  • 8 years old - 10” to 12”
*Please note: Sadly, state agricultural regulations prohibit us from shipping this tree to California and Arizona.

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