Dawn Redwood Tree
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Dawn Redwood Tree
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Dawn Redwoods for many years were thought to be totally extinct from the modern world until they were “rediscovered” in a temple in China in early 20th century.

Redwoods are one of the world’s tallest and mightiest species and can now be enjoyed at your own home and will simply stun any onlookers. One of nature’s astounding wonders, the Dawn Redwood Bonsai Tree has beautiful feather-like foliage and a formal, upright style which is both visually powerful and majestic.

During the winter months, the tree’s foliage will begin to brown and become loose as it is a deciduous tree.

Interestingly enough, you can visually see this tree respond to the ambient conditions around the tree. It is the closest you can get to owning a weather station without actually owning one! The leaves will darken when the temperature is high and begin to fold and close when it rains.

These make perfect gifts for weather conscious friends!

5 years old.
20" x 22" tall.
Suitable humidity tray is recommended.
Experience: Excellent for beginners

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