Copper Spiral Bird Feeders
Copper Spiral Bird Feeders
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17.5 in. Copper Mixed Seed Spiral Feeder

Three different Feeders Available for your Backyard or Balcony!!!!
Consumers and birds LOVE patented Songbird Essentials BirdQuest Spiral Feeders!

  • More ports means more birds
  • Birds love to Run The Spiral instead of flying to another perch
  • Spiral allows cardinals, grosbeaks and other desirable large songbirds to feed
  • With normal perch tube feeders, these birds have difficulty feeding without a seed tray.
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship and normal wear and tear.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel parts; No screws to mess with.
  • Squirrel-proof- patented locking lid- just twist and lock those pesky varmints out
  • Easy to clean- twist and clean (patent pending) easy-clean bottom comes completely off for easy cleaning
  • Easy to hang- looped wire hanging cable included (150 lb test) and attached
  • Feeders come completely assembled (in beautiful open view box.)
  • Take out of the box, hang in your yard, and watch how fast the birds are attracted
  • 2.5 Quart seed capacity (1.5 pounds)
  • Peanut feeder holds approx. 1.6-2 pounds of peanuts. 
  • In Use Dim: 18.00D x 5.25W x 5.25H

  • Tray available, screws on to help keep the mess away. Dimensions: 12.00 (D) x 1.25 (W) x 8.00 (H) inches
    Hanging Baffle available to help provide shelter from the elements.

    Detail on these additional option available to add to this feeder. 

    1) The clear screw-on seed tray (fits all Songbird Essentials BirdQuest feeders). Songbird Essentials BirdQuest seed trays help keep mess off your yard, deck and everywhere else. The help attract large birds like cardinals and grosbeaks! Clear, and available for 17in. feeders and Mega Tube.

    2) A 12" Hanging Baffle. This durable dome top that will help protect the feeder from squirrels and the weather elements.

    All hardware for the baffle is included. Contents: 1 3/4 inch thread loop, 1 1 1/8 inch X number 8 open eyebolt, 1 number 8 locknut, 1 clear polymer dome. Assembly Instructions: 1. Tighten the number 8 locknut at the end of the threads on the number 8 eyebolt. 2. Hold the loop at the top of the dome and screw the number 8 eyebolt through the dome into the loop. 3. To hook the feeder to the dome, hold feeder at an angle to slip eyebolt of feeder over eyebolt of dome.

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