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African Violets: A popular blooming plant that grows in a rosette of fuzzy foliage that forms a circle around one central crown. Bouquets of blooms develop with the right conditions and gardener's patience. Violet is not the only color any more as single five petal blooms are not the only selection. Blooms now come in many shapes and styles, stars, semi-doubles, doubles, ruffled, flat and are multi-colored from borders, speckled, stripped to solid. Colors are white, pink, blue, purple, green, red, and yellow to gold.

Witnessing our own plants as they grow, develop, and kick-out bright colors that flourish for weeks is extremely rewarding. So, if you have just one or a couple, or a whole room full of violets, these plants and the toys (tools) make this a cool hobby that has become part of my being. I hope you find the same joy.


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