Flowering White Jasmine Bonsai Tree
Flowering White Jasmine Bonsai Tree
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Flowering Jasmine Bonsai Plant (trachelospermum jasminoides). 

Our 6 year old 12" - 16" small indoor bonsai trees are unique and beautiful flowering bushy vines we have trained into traditional bonsai tree form. Like all of the house plants we have for sale our decorative and floral indoor Jasmine Bonsai trees are real plants grown in our nursery and shipped to our customers. 
  • The Jasmine is a bushy vine which we have trained into tree form.
  • It has shiny dark leaves and fragrant white flowers.
  • The waxy snow white flowers are about 1" across, borne in clusters of 3-12 and intensely fragrant. They fade to pink as they age.
  • The White Jasmine blooms throughout the summer and almost continuously in warm climates. Great indoor bonsai.
  • 6 years old, 12" - 16" tall
  • Suitable 6" x 8" humidity tray is recommended.
  • Blooms in the spring, March to April

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