Oriole Magnet Feeder
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Oriole Magnet Feeder
52 oz32 oz.
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Orioles Magnet Feeder

This colorful unit a feeder that combine to make darling unit for your yard.
  • Attracts Orioles and keeps them cool at the same time.
  • All orange color attracts nearby Orioles
  • 12 inch diameter baffle blocks out sunlight which keeps the feeder underneath cooler. - See additional product listing
  • Shade also keeps nectar fresher so it lasts longer.
  • 3 Feeding stations with Bee/Wasp guards.
  • Pole mount or hang.
  • Generous 30 or 52 oz capacity.
  • Flat top for easy filling.
  • Large mouth, snap apart base for easy cleaning.
52 oz. Feeder: 5.75(D) x 5.75(W) x 8.5(H) inches

30 oz. Feeder: 5.25(D) x 5.25(W) x 7.5(H) inch

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