Ginseng Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree
Ginseng Ficus Indoor Bonsai Tree
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Ficus Retusa - Also known as Banyan Fig and Taiwan Ficus.

Unique and decorative live indoor Ginseng Ficus bonsai tree. Available in two sizes. One a 10 year old and approximately 12" tall medium size bonsai and the other a 15 year old approximately 15" tall large bonsai. All bonsai trees are small mini trees, but for bonsai trees the Ficus Retusa is considered a medium to large size. It is a beautiful plant both for the home or office, and it makes a wonderful gift idea. The elongated light green leaves add life and color to any room's decor, and the grey to reddish bark is dotted with small horizontal flecks that are tiger like and very cool. Like all of the house plants we sell, this mini indoor ginseng ficus is a real live bonsai that is grown and shaped in our nursery and shipped safely to our customers. Because these are real plants that are all a bit unique and will not look exactly like the picture, but will be very close. We are also very proud to offer the highest quality bonsai trees at the best possible price. 

  • Elongated, light green leaves have a striking resemblance to the popular weeping willow tree.
  • The Retusa has small dark green leaves which alternate up the stem and which are more oval than the Benjamina.
  • Grey to reddish bark dotted with small horizontal flecks, similar to tiger-like markings.
  • All have heavy trunks with exposed aerial roots.

Detailed Description:
Two Sizes available.

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