Juniper Bonsai  Tree Starter Kit - Make Your Own Bonsai
Juniper Bonsai  Tree Starter Kit - Make Your Own Bonsai
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Beginner's Indoor Mini Juniper Bonsai Tree Starter Kit

Make growing your own bonsai tree as easy as possible by making sure you have everything you need to properly create and care for your indoor bonsai plant. This kit has everything a new bonsai enthusiast needs to grow their own bonsai. If you are a beginner it can be easy to not know what all is needed. Take the guesswork out of growing your own unique and decorative bonsai tree and save money buying this top-rated bonsai starter kit, which includes a 4 year old small Juniper bonsai tree, a high quality glazed ceramic pot, soil, copper training/shaping wire, instructions for potting, training, and maintaining your bonsai to remove the guesswork and everything else a beginner needs to start growing their own bonsai trees. This bonsai starter kit also makes a great gift idea for the plant enthusiasts in your life, as well as for yourself. Bonsai is a great way to relax, and have a house plant that is truly special and unique to you, and your home or office. This easy to use indoor Juniper Bonsai plant starter kit is on sale at our online house plants, bonsai trees and supplies store, at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

Kit includes the following:

- Glazed ceramic imported container
- Juniper Bonsai Tree(4 years old; 6" tall)
- Annealed copper training wire
- Traditional bonsai shears
- Bonsai soil (conifer mix)
- Slow release fertilizer pellets
- Multi-colored textured rocks
- Separate typewritten instructions for potting, training and maintenance
- Ceramic miniature figurine
- Humidity/drip tray
- Book: 101 Essential Tips on Bonsai
- Plastic plant marker

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