Brush Cherry Small Flowering Indoor Bonsai Tree (eugenia myrtifolia)
Brush Cherry Small Flowering Indoor Bonsai Tree (eugenia myrtifolia)
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Also called Syzygium Paniculatum, Australian Brush Cherry.

The Australian Brush Cherry mini bonsai tree is a beautiful small flowering plant best suited for indoors. The leaves are firm and glossy adding life and light to any room's decor. The unique and decorative flowers are a very pretty white and when the plant is grown in highly light areas, like our nursery, the leaves develop beautiful red highlights. This live bonsai plant is grown in our nursery for 5 years, and is approximately 6 - 7" tall. This small bonsai is a wonderful accent to any home or office and makes a great gift idea. Because this is a real live bonsai tree, not all trees will be the exact same. This means you get a truly unique tree that is special to you or to whomever you gift it to. This also means trees will not all look exactly like the photo, but they will all be very close, and are all professionally shaped. We pride ourselves in offering the best, most unique and decorative live bonsai trees and house plants at the best possible price.    

  • This tree has small handsome evergreen leaves which are firm and glossy.
  • The flowers are white.
  • When in highly lighted area, the leaves will develop red highlights.
  • 5 years old
  • 6" - 7" tall
  • Suitable 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" humidity tray is recommended.

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