Dhyana Buddha Statue
Dhyana Buddha Statue
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The Dhyana Buddha is a statue of Gautama Buddha seated in a meditative posture

• The Dhyani Buddha is a concept in Vajrayana Buddhism that represents the five wisdoms of the Buddha.
• The Akshobhya Buddha; direction East; color Blue; Mudra Bhumisparsha.
• The actual Dhyana Buddha Statue is 125 feet tall and is located in Amaravathi India.
• Dhyana indicates the perfect balance of thought, rest of the senses, and tranquility.
• Beautiful addition to your garden, reflective pool area, corner shelf!!
• This ceramic Buddha statue presents in a teal color.
• Color glaze may vary slightly.
• Product Dimensions: 8.25" x5.5" x 10.75”H

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