Cohasset Abby 17 Inch
Cohasset Abby 17 Inch
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Cohasset Abby 17 Inch Wind Chime - Out of Stock til the end of March 2021
■Bobbing-head bird carved from solid coconut wood
■3 hand-tuned bamboo tubes play lively tones
■Handmade and hand-painted by artists in Bali
■Painted dots create elaborate mosaic designs
■Carved from environmentally sustainable woods
■Overall length: 17 inches
■1-year warranty covers material and workmanship

Detailed Description:
Painted with all the colors of the rainbow, this unique bobbing-head bird wind chime will make a fun accent for your patio. The Cohasset Abby 17-Inch Wind Chime features three bamboo tubes and a large, colorful bird that bobs its head when the wind blows. The wind also moves the bamboo striker to sound the three hand-tuned bamboo tubes suspended below the bird.

A work of exceptional detail, the exotic bird is hand-carved from solid coconut wood and hand-painted in an array of colors. Although the designs look like beadwork, they're actually a mosaic of tiny painted dots that outline the feathers and form intricate patterns.

This environmentally friendly wind chime is handmade by artists in Bali using coconut and bamboo - two types of wood that are easily sustainable.

Part of the Bobbing Head Birds Collection, the Cohasset Abby Wind Chime is an exclusive product of Cohasset Imports resulting from collaboration between Balinese artists and Cohasset designers. Please note that because the chime is handmade, it may have subtle differences from the chime shown in the image. Each chime is a unique work crafted by artisans for your admiration and enjoyment.

Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length) - hanging hook to the end of the sail. This windchime is 17 inches long overall.
11" tall

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