Dog Rocks
Dog Rocks
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Prevent Grass Burn Mark!!!  Currently Out of Stock

Presented in a 2-Month supply
100% Natural Hassle free, easy to use & safe for all household pets No change to the pH balance of the dog's urine Repeat product needing to be replaced every 2 months Dog Rocks placed in your dog's water bowl help stop pet urine lawn burn patches.

Dog Rocks are a paramagnetic rock which, when placed in water, will help purify the water by removing nitrates, ammonia & harmful trace elements like tin and copper giving your dog a cleaner source of water as well as lowering the amount of nitrates found in his diet. This will in turn lower the amount of nitrates expelled in his urine; it is an overload of nitrate in urine that causes the lawn to burn. These urns also look stunning positioned to greet visitors, beside doors and entrances.

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