Flowering Lavender Star Flower Indoor Bonsai Tree
Flowering Lavender Star Flower Indoor Bonsai Tree
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Flowering Lavender Star Flower Indoor Bonsai Plant - Medium (Grewia Occidentalis)

The unique and decorative Lavender Star Flower is a beautiful flowering small to medium sized indoor bonsai tree that requires some sun light to help generate the blooms. We grow these real bonsai trees like the rest of our house plants and flowers at our nursery and ship them safely to our customers. No bonsai is the exact same as the other, but all our pre-grown Lavender Star Flowering Bonsais are all 8 years old, 8 - 10" tall, healthy, well cared for and very close to the bonsai pictured. We also offer this decorative lavender star bonsai tree at the best possible discount online sales price.  

• Native to Africa and Australia with 400 species worldwide.
• Awesome purple/mauve 1" wide flowers borne along the stem at the end of spring and then, occasionally, the rest of the year.
• Good indoors.
• Provide some sun to help generate blooms.
• Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended.
• 8 years old
• 8-10" tall

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