Flowering Jasmine Bonsai Tree
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Flowering Jasmine Bonsai Tree
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The Water Jasmine Indoor Bonsai Plant, wrightia religiosa, is the material most often used for bonsai in Malaysia
  • The It is widely planted as a hedge tree in southeast Asia countries because the wrightia is twiggy and is used for medicinal purposes.
  • The Water Jasmine loves the heat and prefers as much direct sun as possible.
  • It can be semi-deciduous during winter if not kept above 65 degrees fahrenheit.
  • The flowers are white, pendulous, and fill a room with a very lovely fragrance.
  • Long, green bean-like seed pods follow flowering if insects pollinate the flowers.
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  • 15 years old, 21" tall
  • Suitable humidity tray is recommended.
  • Blooms in the spring, March to April

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