EverEdge Galvanized Steel Lawn Edging
EverEdge Galvanized Steel Lawn Edging
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Flexible, Galvanized Steel Outdoor Yard, and Garden Edging is all-in-one. No stakes or seperate parts to come loose. The EverEdge flexible metal lawn edging makes landscaping your Lawn, as well as front and backyard flower beds. 

• Made in England and a perfect choice for your manicured lawn!!!
• Each 39" section locks permanently into the next.
• No stakes or separate parts to come loose.
• Powder coated in three colors or Cor-Ten to match your landscaping decor.
• Place a block of wood over the top and hammer into the ground to 1/2" below your cut grass level.
• Curves, circles or sharp angles can be performed by bending over a wooden edge.
• Each pack is 16 1/4 ft to prevent issues with frost in cold climates.
• Three sizes to choose from. Cor-Ten not available in 3" tall.
• Cor-Ten is a special alloy that weathers to from an attractive rust-like surface that protects the steel from further corrosion.
• 1.6mm thick
• An optional accessory, Sleeve System is available but under normal conditions is not needed.
• The plastic sleeve fits into the spike portion of the edging. A piece of 10mm dia. rebar (not included) can be slipped through the opening.

Before ordering, please measure your total requirement and add 6% to allow for the overlap required when joining the sections together. To determine how many packages of EverEdge are need for your project, divide the number of feet needed by 15.42 and round up if necessary. Using 450 feet as an example, 450 divided by 15.42 equals 29.18 so 30 packages would be needed to complete the project. This top rated and affordable flexible steel lawn and garden edging system is on sale here at our online outdoor garden landscaping tools and accessories store at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

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