Podocarpus Bonsai Tree
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Podocarpus Bonsai Tree
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These Podocarpus Trees that were thought to have existed for millions of years ago throughout parts of Asia<

This Bonsai tree presents dainty floral blooms display in late winter and throughout early spring.
  • This is also known as the Buddhist Pine or Chinese Yew.
  • Podocarpus is a dense evergreen with pointed, leathery, dark green leaves arranged on stiff, symmetrical branches.
  • The tree which is unisexual, has male flowers in cones and female flowers composed of cylindrical thickened scales.
  • The fruits often edible, are pedunculate, fleshy and brightly colored.
  • New foliage comes in a light green color that turns darker with age.
  • 8 years old, 9" tall
  • Our trees are trained in the traditional bonsai style.
  • Grows very well albeit slowly indoors.
  • Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended.

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