Pre Bonsai Hawaiian Umbrella Tree
Pre Bonsai Hawaiian Umbrella Tree
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This Hawaiian Umbrella Pre Bonsai Tree is perfect for the beginner or owner who wants to hone their skills

Also known as (arboricola schefflera 'luseanne') this unique and decorative bonsai plant is relatively easy to care for. It is a very hardy tropical Hawaiian Bonsai tree. This beautiful starter bonsai tree requires a tropical climate to be grown outdoors, and thrives with moderate amounts of sunlight indoors. The Hawaiian Umbrella beginner bonsai tree makes a great gift, a unique office accent or houseplant, and is on sale at our top-rated and affordable online nursery at the possibile cheap discount online sales price. Like all of the other bonsai trees and houseplants we have for sale, this decorative Pre-Bonsai Tree is a real plant raised and cared for 3 years, and shipped safely to your door. Because these are real bonsai trees it may not look exactly like the picture but it will be very close, and will be 12" tall. 

3 years old, 12" tall

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