Screech Owl House
Screech Owl House
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Owl House for your Backyard - Perfect for a Home, Nesting Box!!!!

• Also for Kestrels & Flickers.
• Screech Owls are the smallest owls found in North America.
• The average life expectancy of owls is around 9-10 years in the wild.
• Screech owls are typical owls have 23 living species.

• These owls are usually are monogamous and remain together for life.
• These birds breed in April and pairs often return to the same nest year after year.
• The young remain with their parents until they are 8-10 weeks old and reach reproductive maturity at 1 year of age.

• They feed on insects, crayfish, snails, spiders, earthworms, scorpions, leeches, millipedes, and centipedes.
• Also hunt small mammals, small birds & sometimes  fish, snakes, lizards, baby soft-shelled turtles, frogs, toads, newts, & salamanders.
• Screech-owls regurgitate the bones, fur, and feathers of their prey in an oval pellet, usually once or twice a day.

• 10.00 (D) x 9.00 (W) x 15.00 (H) inches
• Entrance hole approximately 4 inch diameter
• Front pivots down for easy cleaning.

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