African Violet Seeds - Standard
African Violet Seeds - Standard
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Each Packet contains 100 seeds

• Standard seeds produce plants that are 9-15 inches in diameter and round in shape.
• The flowers are of various colors such as pink, purple, red, or white.
• Foliage is all-green, various shades of green, not variegated, with various leaf sizes and shapes.
• Every seed has unique genetics, so none of the seedlings look exactly alike.
• You are able to clone your favorite new plants from leaf cuttings to produce multiple copies of them.
• The germination rates for the selections are all around 35%.
• Normally you have plantlets growing in about 5 weeks.
• Sow the tiny seeds on top of moist growing medium (such as potting soil), keep moist, and provide plenty of light.
• A good choice for a bathroom with a bright window (it loves the humidity and needs the light.)
• Instructions provided as well as starter soil.

While you can clone your favorite plant from a leaf cutting, with actual flower seeds, we cannot guarantee the bloom color or leaf variation you will receive. Which is part of the fun, and excitement for when these delicate flowers bloom. These high quality miniature violet flower seed packs are on sale here at our plant and flower store, at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

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