Flowering Texas Ebony
Flowering Texas Ebony
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Flowering Texas Ebony (Pithecolobium Flexicaule)
Acacia/Mimosa family.

• Native to Texas and Mexico and is ideal for dry, indoor locations.
• The short branches are clothed in tiny dark green, bi-pinnate (compound) leaflets.
• The wide rounded canopy casts a filtered shade below.
• Leaves fold up at night or in subdued light.
• Touching the leaves does not put it to sleep as in some Mimosa.
• Short thorns are interspersed among the branches.
• From June to August is decorated with dense, plume-like spikes of very fragrant, light yellow to white blossoms.
• Dark brown woody seed capsules follow the blooms and persist on the tree for weeks.
• In Mexico these seed pods are eaten and the shells roasted and used as a coffee substitute.
• 18 years old.
• 15" tall.
• Indoor flowering bonsai tree
• Suitable humidity/drip tray is recommended.

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