Colorful Trug, Garden Plant Pails
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Colorful Trug, Garden Plant Pails
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Professional-strength, heavy duty, versatile carriers with dozens of uses in garden and home. Some colors on backorder

Tough-but light, these tubs are easy to carry. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, they're as hardwearing as a car tire.

Use Trug-Tubs for weeding and pruning-they stand upright reliably

A Handle on each side allows easy carrying with one hand.
  • Use them for carrying tools and mixing potting soils.
  • They'll even carry liquids without splashing and you can pour from them easily.
  • Use them for carrying firewood and as party ice buckets.
  • They're so flexible, they won't dent or rust and are easy to keep clean.
  • Made in Spain for harvesting fruit in orchards. 
Small: 25 liters, 6.6 gallons capacity - currently out of stock
Medium: 40 liters, 10.5 gallons capacity
Large: 55 liters, 14.5 gallons capacity 
- currently out of stock

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