African Violet Seeds - Variegated
African Violet Seeds - Variegated
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Each Packet contains 100 seeds

• Variegated African violet seeds produce plants that have foliar variegation, i.e., the leaves have interesting white or yellow markings with no chlorophyll.
• Most of the plants will be of standard size and shape.
• Smaller plants and miniatures are also present in the mixture.
• Variegated plant seeds germinate a bit more slowly than their all-green cousins.
• Seedlings from variegated plant seeds are young and smaller initially.
• The plantlets show only a slight degree of variegation or none at all, but they will all show this trait at maturity.
• The flowers will have various colors and shapes and are not affected by the foliar variegation.
• The germination rates for the selections are all around 35%.
• Normally you have plantlets growing in about 5 weeks.
• Sow the tiny seeds on top of moist growing medium (such as potting soil), keep moist, and provide plenty of light.
• A good choice for a bathroom or kitchen with a bright window (it loves the humidity and needs the light.)
• Instructions provided as well as starter soil.

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