Light African Violet Potting Soil - Joe's Mix - 1 Gallon Bag
Light African Violet Potting Soil - Joe's Mix - 1 Gallon Bag
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Joes Mix - Light African Violet Growing Soil

While flower and plant soil can be purchased anywhere, it is important for African Violet Soil to be a light and airy mix that is not packed hard.

The potting soil must be porous to allow surplus water to pass through readily to prevent drowning the plant or flower. A good growing medium should contain 50 percent matter, 25 percent air, and 25 percent water.

The soil I use is a mixture of African Violet soil and perlite or vermiculite, and on occasion one part sand.

It is important to prevent water logging with the use of aerated soil.

1. 2 parts violet soil or loamy topsoil

2. 2 parts Vermiculite or 1 part perlite

Remember to clean your plant and flower pots first.

Cleaning of old pots: When reusing flower and plant pots, wash them thoroughly and then soak them for 30 minutes in a solution of 1 part household chlorine bleach in 9 parts water. Rinse the growing pots until all traces of chlorine are gone.

It is important to repot at least twice a year. To do this, simply remove the root ball. Replace dirt in the bottom of the pot with a little fresh soil. Replace the root ball and as you hold in upright position, carefully sprinkle new potting soil around the sides and on top, just under the leaves. This top-rated, high quality, light African Violet Soil is on sale exclusively here at our online plants and flowers store at the best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

1 bag of Joe's Mix Growing Soil Fills 4-5 standard flower pots.

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