Light Soil - Joe's Mix -  Gallon Bag
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Light Soil - Joe's Mix -  Gallon Bag
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African Violet soil

While this can be purchased anywhere, it is important the soil be a light and airy mix that is not packed hard.

The soil must be porous to allow surplus water to pass through readily. A good growing medium should contain 50 percent matter, 25 percent air, and 25 percent water.

The soil I use is a mixture of African Violet soil and perlite or vermiculite, and on occasion one part sand.

It is important to prevent water logging with the use of aerated soil.

1. 2 parts violet soil or loamy top soil

2. 2 parts Vermiculite or 1 part perlite

Remember to clean your pots first.
Cleaning of old pots: When reusing pots, wash them thoroughly and then soak them for 30 minutes in a solution of 1 part household chlorine bleach in 9 parts water. Rinse the pots until all traces of chlorine are gone.

It is important to repot at least twice a year. To do this, simply remove the root ball. Replace dirt in the bottom of the pot with a little fresh soil. Replace the root ball and as you hold in upright position, carefully sprinkle new soil around the sides and on top, just under the leaves.

Fills 4-5 standard pots.

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