Violet Leaf Support Rings
Violet Leaf Support Rings
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Prevents longer flower leafs and stems from getting bruised on the sharp rim of a pot or round vase. There are 3 sizes of decorative violet leaf support rings for pots and round vases up to 8". These violet leaf support rings are a beautiful and affordable way to help keep your violet flowers as healthy, and pretty as possible. This unique violet plant support rings are on sale here at our garden decor store at our best possible cheap discount online sales price. 

6" Ring (for up to 3.5" pot) - 9" Ring (for up to 6" pot) 139" Ring (for up to 5-8" pot)

3-650: 6" Ring 

3-650A: 12 - 6" Rings 

3-651: 9" Ring 

3-651A: 12 - 9" Rings 

3-652: 13" Ring 

3-652A: 12 - 13" Rings 

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