Attractive Butterfly Feeder
Attractive Butterfly Feeder
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Attract butterflies to your garden or backyard using the Songbird Essentials' Butterfly Feeder.

• Your garden can be a haven for butterflies with just a little planning.
• The patented combination of wicks and tubes mimics real flower blossoms and small spikes which hold fresh fruit pieces is the first choice of butterfly experts.
• Light turns on automatically when dark, sitting on a stainless steel stake after a charge of full sun a day.
• Fill the feeder with our all natural formula also developed by a butterfly breeder.
• Feeder design and color attracts butterflies and the nectar reservoir size contains the right amount of nectar to minimize nectar spoilage.
• Easy to assemble, fill and clean.
• Mount on 3/4 inch post or use the included coated wire to hang. 6 inch diameter.
• 7.50 (D) x 3.00 (W) x 6.25 (H) inches 

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